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martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011

MTBGP - US Grand Prix of Mountain Biking

Gran Premio de EE.UU. de Ciclismo de Montaña MTB...

US Grand Prix of Mountain Biking Announced
Escondido, California (November 14, 2011)

Dean Racing Development is proud to announce the launch the US Grand Prix of Mountain Biking (MTB GP), the future of US national mountain bike racing! The MTB GP recognizes the best professional & amateur mountain bike athletes competing within the United States in a season long race series format. Open to athletes worldwide, this elite series was created to bring consistency and growth of the sport of mountain bike racing in a competitive and fan-friendly atmosphere.

The MTB GP will consist of top-tier events, in cooperation with key regional & independent races across the nation, focusing in the downhill and super-d disciplines. In the near future, endurance and gated racing will be added. The overall goal of the MTB GP is to bring the mountain bike race community together as a whole. Strength in numbers & in family!

“The Grand Prix of MTB is the next step in the evolution of US mountain bike racing. I’ve spent the majority of my life racing, working in all aspects of the cycling industry, and now as a team owner & race promoter. I have seen our sport at its peak, and at its rock bottom,” stated MTB GP director Dylan Dean. “There is an outcry for the need of a proper US national series to finally be implemented. With the support of the industry & athletes alike, we can finally take it upon ourselves to guide the evolution of our sport. This is a dream come true!”

Stay tuned for the 2012 MTB GP Calendar! For more information, feel free to contact Dylan Dean at or call (760) 443-3344.

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